February 4


I have disappeared from blogging for a week, as I knew I would. Today was the dreaded Quality Review at my school and for days I’ve thought of nothing else. This big event also happens to correspond with report card grades being due, so basically I haven’t had time to breathe, let alone blog.

The Quality Review appeared to go alright, though. At any rate, we will not fail and be closed, which is the worst case scenario I have been convinced is the truth for days. My work friends and I made bets on which of my coworkers would fake sick to get out of it, and I hate to say it was enough that we had to call in additional substitutes. Also, one of my coworkers wore jeans and another didn’t have a lesson plan to give in to the superintendent. Are you kidding me? I spent a week planning, bribed my students and wore control top tights (the biggest sacrifice, undoubtedly, especially due to recent slide into obesity. Still have lines on my hips). Anyway, I’m exhausted from all this drama.

I’ll properly write something in the next few days but I didn’t want to take a whole week off without touching this thing. This blog is not my first blog attempt, and I find that the longer you go without posting, the harder it is to motivate to come back. Anyone else agree?

In other news, 10 days till Miami. Officially dream body crunch time. All clean eating attempts thus far have failed miserably after half a day or whenever I saw a bag of Cheetos but now I am determined. There are no snacks in my apartment. When I want to eat I will drink an entire bottle of water and then do sit-ups until I am a fatigued puddle on the floor in a room that is not the kitchen.

Also, I must stop attempting to hold The Cat before I parade around South Beach in a swimsuit. My students have asked me why I have cuts and scratches all over my chest and forearms. I’m fine, kids, it’s just my cat is the antichrist.

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